Don’t be so quick to pass judgement. There is a whole lot of judgement going on everyday in everyone’s life, whether you witness it or you are the one doing it. Whether you admit it or not. I’m not proud to admit it but I pass hurtful judgement, not all the time but I still do it.

It can be as little as;
The mom getting after her kid for something so little. You don’t know maybe this lady has a lot of patience and has been dealing with misbehavior all day. Pat her on the back and say hang in there!
Someone using food stamps. You don’t know their story maybe they took in their brothers children 6 months ago and just recently lost their job and doesn’t want the kids to go into foster care.
A family eating dinner at 9pm. I’m sad to admit when Mason was a baby a friend of mine said they were eating dinner that late and I thought “wow that is too late for dinner, bad parenting”. Can’t believe I even thought that we occasionally eat that late and I read in Greece they eat dinner like at 10pm.
I’m going to tell you, please don’t hate me after reading it because believe me I still feel HORRIBLE I could even do such a thing. My parents always taught me to treat everyone equally and to not judge, so that’s all you can do is teach your kids and hopefully it will stick. I probably shouldn’t even write it because it makes me sounds so awful and you know what sometimes kids can be awful. Me and my girl friends when we were young like 2-5th graders, there was 2 families that didn’t have very much money and I remember passing judgement on how the kids dressed and now looking back how awful we were because it wasn’t the children’s fault they couldn’t afford nice clothing. I think about this way too often :(

What I’m trying to get at with all this rambling is; really try for the next week or even month to not pass any hurtful judgement, look at everyone equally!

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