The Honest Life

We have had some very unfortunate news in the family lately and it has really made me health conscious. I have always watched what we eat and tried living a healthier lifestyle but I am taking it a lot further now. Starting to get rid of all those not so good for us products, food and lifestyles. Without trying to break our budget, but I’m learning that “best for you” doesn’t always mean expensive, but sometimes it does mean time. It might take you time to go to the farmers market for fruits/veggies, or take you time to make a huge batch of homemade laundry soap.
I recently borrowed The Honest Life by Jessica Alba from the library and so happy I did, now I just need to get to the store and buy a copy for myself because I know it will be a book I look at frequently. It was very good; she covers everything from food to beauty, with helpful recipes, facts, information and tips about living a natural life. I think the best part is she is so down to earth, I usually hate and don’t even bother reading “helpful” beauty tips from celebrities just because they usually talk about expensive products that you can’t afford. But not Jessica, she really seemed to understand that most of us don’t have the budget of a movie star and she gives helpful information for everybody’s budgets.
{this is not a sponsored post, I just really enjoyed this book}
The Honest Life (Paperback)
I had no idea, which I’m assuming I’m not the only one, that tear free soaps for children are only tear free because they have a chemical in them that numbs the eyes. Isn’t that awful?

I’m not going to lecture anyone or gross anyone out with awful pictures, but I will post this one.

Genetically Modified Chickens (GMO)
I’ll give you some ideas where you can shop for organic natural foods; farmers market(where I live they run from Spring-Fall and you can find one almost every day of the week), plant and grow in your own yard, Trader Joes (I love TJ’s and I’m telling you their prices are pretty comparison to non-organic food), Grocery Outlets (I have found all natural organic hygiene and cleaning supplies before), local farms. 


  1. OK! you've convinced me to read the book! :) great post and good luck with a healthier lifestyle. it's not easy but so WORTH IT! and I believe that if more people do it, the world will have to change in response.

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