No, I’m not ignoring you blog! I’ve just had a lot going on and on my mind. The past two months our family has had some bad news, good news, and overwhelmed but that’s because we are going to Greece next week :) I can’t believe it is time either, getting so excited to be able to sit and relax for almost two weeks wow!! Although I do wish my whole family could go with us and get a break from reality.

Anyway, back to why I am writing this post. 
And yes, I am just rambling but that’s what this blog is for ;)
Now I understand why people who find out they have cancer(or other illness’) don’t go around telling everyone. I personally wouldn’t want to hear all the negative talk, the feeling bad for; I’d want to hear positive talk, and encouragement. I wouldn’t want to hear “I told you should of went to the Dr’s a long time ago”, don’t tell them that, they went! Nobody wants to hear the word death, so keep it in your head! Keep positive, that’s what they need!
If you pray could you include my family, if not please send positive healing vibes our way greatly appreciated :)


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