Phone Dump

Thought I would do a photo dump before we go on vacation! Cleaning out my phone’s memory card so I have room for Greece pics :)

I love this kid, he defiantly has a personality! He comes up with the funniest things.

I’m going to have to post this recipe; super tasty, easy to make. Have you tried farro grain? It is very good.

We took a hike in Sequim(post coming soon!) on Memorial Day.

I finally(it only took a year and a half lol) to take the screw out so it will go faster. I forgot all about the faster speed, now you have to jog to keep up with it!

My niece is too cute!

This kid is a ham, he loves posing for the camera!

Of course we had to have donuts on National Donut Day! The bavarian cream at Legendary Donuts is SOO good!!

We participated in the walk-a-thon at school the other day, I wasn’t so prepared I had a pullover long sleeve shirt and flip flops! Next year.

I saved $120 on one item, I couldn’t believe I found a $10 anti aging cream from

That little tigar is not a stuffed animal, it was so cute! Excuse my dirty lens :(

Mason with a classmate and teacher, his class went to the zoo for their end of school field trip.

Θα τα πούμε σύντομα 
See you soon!


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