Greece – Part 1

Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

We had a BLAST on our trip and I will need to do these post in part’s because we took over 400 photos, no I won’t post all of them but it will be hard to narrow them down. It will be easier to do it by days.

Our flight there was around 17 hours, with two short layovers. The international flight with Delta was pretty cool and we were able to watch any new movie and have our own screen plus I don’t mind airplane food. I will say the Paris airport STUNK and the Air France plane we flew in to Athens also stunk very bad :(
So we arrive in Athens, all tired and needing showers and no the plane wasn’t smelly because of us lol ;) We finally made it to where we will be catching the ferry the next morning all thanks to my directions I wrote down before we left, we all had to adapt to our phone’s not working and the language barrier.

We found a hotel in Agios Konstantinos for only 35 euros per room, it wasn’t a 5 star but it worked. Hotel Astir. We walked around the little town, ate dinner and the children of the church were having a dancing performance in the square.

First Greek salad of the trip, the feta was huge! And can’t forget to start the trip with Greek tradition tzatziki.

Then we caught the ferry to our island, Skiathos! By the way, most of the trip I was not wearing any makeup, didn’t want to waste time doing my hair and sweating it was so hot(mid-high 90s) :)
Look at our beautiful resort for the week, it was amazing! Nostos Village! It’s the last traditional Greek style hotel on the island. The staff were so friendly and helpful, went above and beyond for us(Panos, Poppy and Leonardo and everyone else we didn’t catch names), we were so grateful we got upgraded to the family suite in the main building, the food and prices were amazing. 

Our view from room with our own private balcony. The taverna at the beach where we ate our lunch and dinner, it was how we imagined our Greek vacation to be!

Freddo coffee – Fried zucchini with tzaskiki dip – (my fav!) giouvetsi with veal – some sort of eggplant lasagna type thing lol, they eat fries and bread with everything

We were at Koukonaries beach one day and a helicopter landed on this yacht, someone yelled “the president”, then later someone told us it was an Arab prince. It was really the Prime Minister of Qadar. While we were on the island we do know that Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn were there the same time and come back every June, but it is where a lot of celebrities/royalty vacation, pretty cool!

Waiting on the dock for the water taxi to take us to town, we had a lot of fun renting quads, it’s the best way to travel around the island.

Old port Skiathos town

Mandraki beach area, if you look close you may see some naked people lol, no but really they are so comfortable wearing no top/walking around naked, I couldn’t. We didn’t make it to the “nudist” beach either, I wonder what the difference was, would they not allow people to keep their suits on at the beach?! ;)

One of our many meals at the taverna and Panos the hotel manager.

We took a sunset drive on the quads and had to stop for photo ops.


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