Greece – Part 2

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I loved the beautiful bright fuchsia flowers all over the buildings.
Greek grape leaves stuffed with rice and meat – Grilled feta, so good and would be easy to make! 
Some photos of town, Skiathos
Not all the streets were pretty, and you had to watch out for people on mopeds. 
Look at the small garbage truck, the island wasn’t so bad but one thing about Greece is they produce a lot of trash and the sewers stunk. (You couldn’t throw toilet paper in the toilets) On the island they would throw rubber mats over the drains to keep the smell down. Luckily they had a lot of fragrance plants, probably helped a little ;)
We drove up north to the beach Kastro which had old ruins of a castle and a couple monasteries. They had a ton of monasteries on the island, we did stop at a few. Kastro was our favorite beach!
Safe drinking water at one of the churches, it isn’t safe to drink Greece tap water so we had to buy water bottles everywhere.
The Castle – This is where they dumped hot oil on pirates
This background looks painted, but I can assure you it wasn’t :)
We were all ready to jump in the water, so hot and sweaty!
Evangelistra Monastery
I’ll be back with more pictures of our time on the island and then I’ll finish up with Athens! ;) Thanks for checking out our trip to Greece.
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