Photo Dump

One of my goals this summer was to get out more with friends, plan things instead of our usual spur of the moment fun. And so far it is going pretty good! Awesome summer so far, can’t believe it’s almost half over though.

Birthday party for a friend, we’ve been to quite a few this summer so far.
Best pic I got of all three of them lol, makes me laugh.

Lots of water play and park playdates(if your in the Tacoma area, go check out the free summer lunches at some of the parks, can’t go wrong with a Subway sandwich and Smith Brothers milk). Niece spent the night for the first time with us.


We spent 4th of July in Eastern Washington at my parent-in-laws.

We take him to the park just about every day, lucky kid. The other weekend we went to the Richard Sherman celebrity baseball charity event, it was a lot of fun but to be honest I had no idea who any of the celebrities were, when football season comes I think I better watch a Seahawks game :)

My cousins son was visiting from Arizona so we decided to take a family road trip to Oceans Shores for the day, it was VERY windy and cold though!

Last Friday I picked up our second foster dog, no that’s not Dottie his name is Max. Even have the same personality, he’s a little older and a little calmer though.

The free blueberry park in Tacoma wasn’t quite ready, we’ll come back in a couple weeks to pick.

We got haircuts!! I did it, I cut a few inches off and got bangs. Mason got his typical faux hawk :)


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