Greece – part 4 (Athens)

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I hope you have been enjoying all my Greece photos, sorry if you haven’t ;) I miss the island so much and love looking at the pictures! This is the last post of photos don’t worry lol and most of them are cell phone shots :( Someone had told us we couldn’t bring cameras walking around the Acropolis.

I will say it was awesome to experience once but I wouldn’t do it again; too hot, a lot of walking, lots of people and no water for sale(seriously, I was lucky I had half a water bottle with me). I’m not complaining it is amazing that I got to see the things we learned about in school and very grateful!!

The best way to get around was the metro, it was my first time riding the subway!
In Athens is where we really had to watch our purses and belongings, the “gypsy’s” and their kids.
Please excuse our pictures of the super moon, we are horrible at night shots! :) That evening we walked around the square and the lower part of the Acropolis, that is when everyone is out. 
Our last meal in Greece! Hubby had some yummy duck and I had yummy spaghetti and crab(tons) for only 14 euros!!!
Oh, I forgot to mention our experiences at the airports(okay my experiences!). My luggage was sent somewhere else on the way home, they delivered it two days later, I was just happy that didn’t happen when we arrived in Athens. Thanks Delta lol! And on the way from Detriot to Paris I got pulled to the side to get my passport/boarding pass checked out, they never did tell me why but I was all freaked out because I was the last one in my group to go through and I couldn’t see them and it took a while. I’m pretty sure they just did it randomly because they didn’t say why and they pulled another guy a few people behind me. But I was scared I was going to get left in the airport.
There you have it our trip to Greece! Can’t believe I checked off my top on my bucket list, wow! Skiathos, someday I hope to come back!
I would love to answer any questions you may have and if you ever think about going, do it you won’t be disappointed!


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  2. Yasou! :) Greece is like my second home (and I'm only 16, lol) Most of the times that I've gone I've stayed on the mainland (Thess. mostly), but these posts and your pictures make me want to go to an island or two the next time I go! Evharisto!

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