I don’t know how many times I thought about blogging and things I wanted to talk about but I never have the time. Our days look a little something like this;
work, yes I work part time outside of being a 24/7 stay at home mom.
keeping a kid entertained, must be only child syndrome he can’t entertain himself for more than a few minutes?! 
spending the evenings usually watching tv with the hubby(cause we can never think of other things to do lol).
long story short the house is kinda a mess, never did the spring cleaning and we are moving Mason into a room with a closet and moving everything office/school/craft into the office room.
enjoying summer as much as we can before school starts, we are excited for it to start but also dreading have to get up early.
How do you manage to squeeze blogging in with everyday lives?
Throw Back Thursday
Pregnant with Mason feels like forever ago

would you please do me a favor and click the picture below?!! thanks
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