Random post about everything!

Everyone is saying this, but it’s true I honestly cannot believe it is already August! 
One month til my baby starts kindergarten, full day kindergarten and also one month til I look for another part time job during the day so I’m not bored at home (I can’t believe I’m saying that :) 
We have one month to cram in as much fun as we can do, I had so much hiking planned but haven’t done any, keep missing all the movie in the parks, haven’t been to one yard sale. 
Join me in the #fmsphotoaday in August! Instagram and it’s okay if you forget a day or even half the month, you aren’t alone ;)
AND can’t leave without a photo dump of our fun the past week…

Am I the only one that thinks my niece looks exactly like Davis daughter in the movie What to Expect When Your Expecting?!!
Legendary Doughnuts…sweet tooth here!
Creek by our house
Follow my instagram? Already seen these photos? Yeah, I probably need to start taking more photos and with a camera, not my phone ’cause cell photo pictures don’t turn out too well when you print them, sad face lol :(
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And a bonus I’ll throw in some Throwback Thursdays of me :)
My moms side of the family, I will give you a high five if you can guess which ones me?
yup, the curly head in the head band and white shirt polka dots
Ok, this is a flashback for Mason lol. How cute is he?
This is me(and my cousin) on my first day of kindergarten

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