the B word

Lately, I keep having the thought “what am I doing wrong” and it all has to do with someones behavior. Some say I’m such a great mom, I’m so laid back and always have it under control but that’s the opposite and now my laid back personality is biting me in the butt.
 He’s just been so, hate to use the word but bratty!! Mouthy, he tries to control the situation way too often. We are sick of having to repeat ourselves over and over again. We hate to spank but I swear that is the only way we get anything through to him. He isn’t grateful for anything. Get the picture?
We realize our kid is getting that “only child spoiled brat” attitude and it needs to stop! I love being able to take him to new places, go everywhere and get special treats all the time but it’s not good for him, he takes it for granted. He needs to start earning the special places we go to and the new toys need to stop and only come for holidays. 
This will be a challenge for me too because I love buying him new stuff and letting him experience everything. I know he’s only 5 but he shouldn’t expect a new thing every place we go and get upset if he doesn’t get one. 
Parenting is hard work sometimes!
Last week I wasn’t saying this… but I can’t wait for school to start.


  1. Our Mason's sound so much alike!! We have been working on the "no prizes" this whole week and it's going pretty good, but we also have been trying to avoid any places that will temp him.

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