What did he just say?

As you may know Mason says the funniest things sometimes!

Mason said to me “Let’s go to the kid store”, so I said “What kid store do you want to go to?” He replies with “The one where you can buy kids”

We were watching Who Framed Roger Rabbit, when jessica rabbit came on he was just starring all googly eyes and goes “p-r-e-t-t-y”

We were outside with the neighbor kids and our 5 year old neighbor girl is talking about water with Mason and says “we have some in here” and he replies with “No, I don’t like beer” and the little 4th grader neighbor looks at me all surprised and starts to giggle.

5 year old’s are so honest and just blurt things out! We were getting pizza one day and we walk past a shorter guy and Mason blurts out “man, that guy is short” thankfully I don’t think he heard him

Anytime we are in the swimming pool or locker room if he sees a woman with big poops he blurts out “she has some big muscles”



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