the B word follow up.

I blogged the other day about someone acting like a spoiled brat! Well, I can honestly say this week hasn’t been as horrible as I imagined. We have really been working on the not giving in too easily, presents all the time, special outings every day.

Yes, yesterday when I took him to the store he got his backpack/lunch box for school but we stopped to look at all the toy aisles and I didn’t get any tantrums when I told him no. Otherwise that is the only thing he has received this week. And let me just say that was hard for both him and myself; he asked me just about every day to go “buy a new toy” or “get a McDonald’s happy meal”(that’s another thing we have been eating out way too often this summer and no not just at McDonald’s)… I couldn’t do my .99 cent day at Value Village knowing he would beg for a new to him toy. Even though the toy would of been less than $5, kids don’t know the difference between $1 and $50 toys. So red flag for any parents raising a kid who gets a new “prize” every time he/she is good in a store, teaching bad habits you will regret!!

Take away things they really enjoy. Mason has had a few days with no screen time, it’s kinda sad that is the only punishment he really cares about. Time outs, spankings really don’t phase him but when you take away or threaten to take away his screen time, that’s what gets him…
LIMIT screen time. 
LIMIT sugar intake. This is another huge one for Mason, it really effects his mood.

It’s progress.


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  1. Yeah this reminded me of the times I took my girls shopping and had to leave without doing what I wanted to because I had told them if they misbehaved we would go home. Only had to do if a few times before they got the message

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