Tryout Talent Network Review

I’ve wrote about it before, Mason has a “marketable” look and we continue to look into modeling/acting opportunities for him. We continue to submit his photo’s into agencies around the area and any companies we see looking for models. When I got contacted by MomSelect to try out the talent network website, I jumped on it. I would rather go to one website and find opportunities, then have to search for hours and many websites later.
Tryout is an online service that allows agencies and talent scouts to post, helpful tips/advice for the entertainment world, and other great opportunities. And it’s not just for modeling/acting; sports, dance, music, fine arts, and STEM(math, science). 
How it works; you make a profile for your children, yourself, and/or family(very easy too). You choose up to 5 interests and then pick as many channels as you want to follow. The channels(pages) are the ones that will show up in your newsfeed and show the opportunities.
It is completely FREE to have an account on, but in order to apply for opportunities a premium account is needed, which cost $7 and you may apply to 3 opportunities per month. 
This is a new service and more opportunities are added all the time.
Tryout can help your child achieve his/her dreams!
We didn’t find any opportunities in our area or relevant to Mason but we saw a lot of opportunities for girls and it doesn’t cost anything to view them. I liked how simple the site was and how you can manage your child’s page.
I was given a 30 day trial period to try out with MomSelect in exchange for a review, all opinions are my own. I do like it and when there is more opportunities that apply to Mason then we will purchase the premium again.

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