What a week!

Wow! It has been one hectic week. So thankful I have this next week off from work, to actually catch up on everything and get everything ready for Kindergarten to start.

Last Wednesday was the start of it all; the 21st was our anniversary, my mother-in-laws birthday, my mom had surgery AND the dog had surgery!

Luckily we celebrated our anniversary the weekend before and I didn’t have to work that day. In the morning I dropped the dog off at the vets to get spayed. Back up a little, I don’t think I’ve blogged about our third foster dog?! We named her Molly, she was a stray they found, I don’t know who would give up such a good dog. She is a sweet heart, listens, potty trained, cuddles, doesn’t have the energy of a typical jack russell, she just needs a little work on the leash and barking(but we think it may be a protective thing with me).

Anyway, after I dropped the dog off at the vet, came home to wait for a couple hours to go visit my mom in the hospital. She was having a double mastectomy, to remove the cancer. They believed they removed everything but will do test to make sure. Please if you would say a prayer or send thoughts that they for sure got everything and her body heals quickly. My mom arrived in the recover room, just before we had to leave to go pick up the dog, I got to see her but Mason didn’t and he really wanted to. So, we picked up the dog dropped her off at home with my husband and then back to the hospital so Mason could see her. That kid is very at home with the hospital.
Fast forward three days. Saturday I started getting worried about the dog, she wouldn’t eat/drink, very lethargic. So the dog rescue had me take her into the animal hospital, turns out she had a mild case of pancreatitis before the spay and the spay set it off. It is now Monday and she is still at the hospital on IV fluids and eating a little, she is getting better, she was just very dehydrated. It probably saved her life that we took her in that day. It just amazes me what animal rescues do. I bet if she was in a shelter they probably wouldn’t of wanted to pay for everything and just put her down. That just makes me so sad they would do such a thing to an amazing dog. We miss that little girl! Hurry up and get better so you can come home.

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