Dear Lady…

On Thursday after Mason’s Kindergarten Open House(yes, in 3 days my baby will be in kindergarten!) we headed downtown to take the link to the Children’s Museum. Mason thought it was so fun, I love that our city offers so many great free activities.

We met some friends at the Tacoma Children’s Museum, and I don’t think we were the only ones with the idea. The place was incredibly packed. There was this one lady who had at least one kid of her own and babysitting another. The one little boy was crying on the stairs right when Mason and his friend ran past so my thought was they bumped into him so I asked the lady if he was hers and her reply was “OH GOD NO!, He’s a spoiled little two year old, my 14 month old doesn’t even act that way!” She then explained to me that he is babied by the parents and that walking to the museum he cried the whole way ’cause he didn’t want to walk and wanted to be carried. At that point my friend and I looked at each other and were both like oh my gosh and I wish I hadn’t engaged in talking to her. Then I saw her in another area and she was yelling at him to be patient and wait his turn :(

I just felt so bad for the kid and wanted to ask the lady; was it pouring down rain when you guys walked here(because it was the whole morning) or were you holding the other child because I could see him not wanting to walk or maybe walking too fast. And sorry lady don’t speak too soon, your child is only 14 months the terrible twos are coming!! He’s only two lady, he IS a baby!!

Then I thought I really wish I knew who the parent of the two year old was so I could talk to them about the horrible lady they entrust their child with! Have you ever been in a situation like this? What did you do? I thought it’d be really weird to ask the lady for her name or the child’s parents name but I soo wanted to. Now that I’m thinking of it I should have taken a picture of him and posted it on my facebook mom’s group, or is that weird too?!!

Waiting for the link – The Freighthouse Square
Walking to the museum, this was right before we got stuck walking in a monsoon! (Glad I brought my umbrella) I LOVE fall in Washington, just wish it was sunny everyday!
He really liked this area and I liked it because it was the least busiest!

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  1. I so hear you some people should not be in charge of children, 2yrs old is a baby in my eyes and I wonder if she was treating her own child different to the child she was taking care of…… should had taken her photo without her knowing and posted it on Facebook because I bet the child parents thing she is this lovely lady……..

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