Hiking with Kids – how to make it work!

  • Don’t expect too much! Most kids won’t be able to do a 12 mile hike! Pick a short hike for beginners. 
  • Don’t hike for a destination(waterfall, ect), go to have fun and if you do make it to the water, Awesome! If not, maybe next time ;)
  • A short 2 mile hike with kids might actually take as long as a 10 mile hike with only adults. Kids like to make many stops to look at things, or take rests. But let them; they have shorter legs and it’s good for learning.
  • If your child shows any signs of being tired, STOP THERE! Or you will be carry them all the way back to the car, it might not seem like much at first but you will be feeling it!
  • Don’t forget to pack plenty of water AND snacks!! Everyone will want water and a snack multiple times on the hike. Extra clothes if there is water.
  • Don’t forget the carrier pack if you have a really young one.
  • Bring first aid stuff just in case.
  • Take pictures!


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