Do the Puyallup 2013

On Sunday we went to the Washington State Fair(always be known as The Puyallup Fair to me) for family day. We all had a blast and were worn out by the end of the day. We played at the fair as long as we could, it was hot and very crowded. But I don’t blame everyone for being there, it was the first weekend they had the dizzy passes and seriously that’s the only way to do the fair $35 unlimited (almost) all rides. Or you can pay $4-6 PER RIDE!! WTH! Why is it so expensive?!

It’s defiantly good to research the best deals before you go and bring your own food/drinks in (but don’t forget to get a scone before you leave!) And you can stop by the Darigold barn for free milk samples, honestly one of my favorite things to do at the fair. We each got one game with our dizzy pass too and we all won, I really liked how they weren’t stingy with their prizes and that everyone is a winner.

One thing I was NOT happy about was the roller coaster, they would not let us even wait in line til we had another person, we were only short 1 person and the line wasn’t long at all!! We waited for a single person to come along but no-one came so we walked off. I was pretty mad. Other than that it was a great day!!
 The ride in the far back was Mason’s very first non kiddie ride, he got a little scared ;)
 My favorite picture!

Don’t forget to enter the Curious George gift pack!! It looks like an awesome prize! Very low entries=good odds!! 

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