Mother – a couple weeks ago she had surgery to remove the cancer. we got the pathology test back and thank god all the cancer is gone!! thank you everyone for all the prayers and sending thoughts our way.

Molly, foster dog – tuesday the 27th our day was filled with good news, found out my mother was cancer free and our foster dog got to come home from the animal hospital. she had a raging case of pancreatitis, she is doing so much better now but will always have to be on a special low fat diet.

PTA – I have joined the PTA at Mason’s school. Okay, last year I was involved in a few of the popcorn days but this year I plan to do more! & School – it’s going really good for Mason, his behavior is really improving and throwing less fits. he needed more of a challenge. parent night was the other day and it sounds like he has a really good teacher and they will learn a lot. i love looking in his backpack and finding papers ;) he has music class twice a week and loves it, all he wants to play now is the “drums”!

(since i can’t leave you without a picture video, here is the drum set he set up for himself lol)


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  1. That is such wonderful news! I am glad to hear that your mother's cancer is gone! Glad to hear Molly is doing better too :DThat's so fun that you joined the PTA at Mason's school! I have debated on whether or not I would want to for my son when he gets a little older.

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