Photo dump, just because.

warning picture overload!
It’s been a while since I’ve emptied my cell phone! I love doing reviews and giveaways on my blog and lately it may seem like that’s all there has been but I promise this blog will not become labeled as a “review/giveaway” blog. I want this blog to be my outlet, my place to store memories! But reviewing is something I enjoy as well… Enough rambling here are some loads of pictures!

we love papa murphy’s kids pizzas, although mason could eat 3 of them lol! — strawberry season is in june, i don’t know why my grew better end of august?!
 i LOVE moon and sunset/sunrise photos! #nofilter (on all these pics)
what’s up with kids and wanting kisses on the lips from animals?! gross :)
homemade blackberry pie #fav
washington is very beautiful #sograteful
 i REALLY miss greece so we had to try the local greek food
 our freezer is so stocked with fresh berries from this summer & berries that hardly cost us any money! these strawberries were $5 a flat — so, we gave the homemade banana ice cream a try, honestly this recipe was gross(bananas, peanut butter and cocoa) #pinterestfail
this is where i grew up #beautiful
 our favorite creek by our house, again isn’t washington beautiful?!
wish we would of checked out this place before the last day, it was so fun! they had a lazy river, mason went down the slide a few times by himself
 look at this amazing school playground
 zoo trip, just a typical day in our lives. kid doesn’t realize how lucky he is, adventures every day!
 one of my walks, some deer out for breakfast
 another walk
 trolley ride in gig harbor  — i’ll take that house they are building, beautiful view
 hair cut, looks good kid!
 annual Recess Monkey concert at Charles Wright Academy
 he won the raffle again this year at the concert :)

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