Pillsbury – tips for back-to-school!

Woohoo! School has started and if your a parent, I’m sure you understand ;) We have been busy working on our school routine, as I’m sure all of you are as well. Which includes figuring out what’s for dinner each night! And if your a working parent, or if your schedule is chaotic as ours then you are meal planning and finding the easiest ways to fill up your families bellies.
Getting yourself and family prepared for back-to-school and starting the routines early makes a whole lot of difference. Here are some of my tips to make that transition back to school or even the transition the next day run smoother;
-Start the bedtime/wake up routine a week before school starts so your body and their little bodies get the hang of it.
-Don’t wait til the last day of summer to buy school supplies or groceries, get them early so the last day of summer you can relax and enjoy it!
-Start talking positively to your kids about school at least a week before school starts(especially the young new preschoolers/kindergartners).
-The night before pick out and set aside your clothes and your child’s clothes for the next day. Also get those backpacks, jackets, lunches packed, breakfast somewhat ready; it makes the morning go so much smoother and you lets you sleep in just a little longer :) Bath your child at night.
-Once a week I prepare as much food as I can, snacks in baggies. Meal plan. During the week we don’t get home til 5:30 so I love my crockpot and easy quick dinners.
I have loved Pillsbury Grands Biscuits since I was a kid, I remember how happy I got when my mom pulled them out of the oven. Fav way to eat them is with butter and honey! Yum! 
This is honestly the first time I’ve ever tried cooking them in a recipe, and won’t be the last! Very good and quick dinner, perfect for your family.
Dinner in under 30 minutes AND only 4 ingredients! Yes, please.
Again, dinner under 30 minutes and only 4 ingredients.
Want to check out more recipes? Go check out the Pillsbury recipe booklet and check out more easy and yummy recipes. One thing I found and love on the recipe pages it will search food that is on sale and whr to find it. Lav m a comment with a recipe you would like to try :)
A little story I always think about when I buy Pillsbury products. A lady had just finished grocery shopping and sitting in her car with all her groceries, it was a very hot day out. All of sudden she heard a loud pop, her first thought was a gun shot so she panicked checking over her body and when she reached and felt the back of her head. It felt mushy, she thought she had been shot in the head and her brains were exposed. She freaked. Turned out the loud pop was the Pillsbury can popping and the dough hit the back of her head. Makes me laugh every time.

 I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective. The content and opinions expressed here are all my own and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of General Mills. Compensation was provided by General Mills via Clever Girls Collective.

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