Eggy Vocabulary App

Ages 3+
Learn 252 words
7 destinations to explore
For the iPad
I am always looking for great learning apps on the iPad for Mason. It is hard telling Mason no playing on the iPad when I know he would just be learning vocabulary, reading and listening skills. Eggy Vocabulary is a great app for learning the days of the week, 252 words, 7 narrated ebooks. There are 3 difficulties to choose from, 3 accents(US, Australia, UK), your child can collect 18 brand new critters and 21 golden eggs.
Mason really enjoys playing Eggy Vocabulary, if he had it his way he’d play it for hours on end! He loves being able to choose the day of the week, the hidden objects(his fav!), if you can’t read yet it will interact with you and read it out loud.

Reading Eggs - Where children learn to read!
Looking for other great apps from Reading Eggs? They have apps for ages 3-12; math, phonics, literature.
& many more!
I was not compensated in anyway, I was given the app Eggy Vocabulary to review. However, all opinions expressed here are my own.

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