Rain, Wind, Thunder and Lighting…yes we had it all!

Last weekend we were having bad storms in Western Washington. Lots of rain and wind, thunder and lightening.
We spent most of the weekend indoors watching tv :) But we did manage to sneak out and use our free tickets to the museum(thanks Smithsonian) on Saturday and went to Red Robin for lunch on Sunday family day. It was a nice pajama weekend!

Right when we arrive at Fort Nisqually it just started dumping, so Mason and I held out for a few minutes before heading into the museum. The museum was empty for being a free day but it was raining, and we had all our rain gear on so we were good ;)

It was a cool place, I enjoyed it but Mason got bored. If your in the area go check out the Bonfires, Beaver Pelts and Bogeyman story time on October 25 & 26. The lady I talked to said it isn’t too scary(that is if your kid doesn’t scare easy) it’s just a challenge to sit for 2 hours. 


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