Cheap Rainy Day Play

FYI Our home is not organized, we miss place things all day long.
But the strange thing is I am very organized with community events, especially cheap-free happenings around us. I probably have a small case of ocd when it comes to our calendar, I can’t think straight if I don’t have things written down in my planner. I like to see Mason and myself be involved in our community and love to see a smile on his face and we get so bored just sitting at home.

At the beginning of every season I like to compile a list of stuff we would a) like to do and b) events happening around us. That way I don’t miss anything! Just make sure you leave an hour or two out of your day to search the web, get a pen and paper and go to the websites of all the towns around you and write down events you would like to attend.

I’ve always thought about making a page on my blog with a calendar and all the events that look like a lot of fun just for all my family and friends that need ideas but then it kinda freaks me out about weirdos…paranoid much?! yes LOL :) But I’m thinking of making a page with a calendar and ideas of cheap-free activities to keep those kids(and yourself) busy during our rainy months! It won’t be anything huge just one page where can look too when your bored and need out of the house. I should have it up within a couple weeks.

If your wondering where the pictures were taken?! Star Center(metro parks)! $10 a month UNLIMITED open play(per kid, adults free), a lot better then McDonalds playland or $6 one time play at Odyssey 1. They have an indoor and a covered outdoor playground(that is very cool). No, this is not a sponsored post we(mainly Mason) really enjoy it here and my wallet agrees.



  1. Yeah, we get so bored sitting at home all day, need to get out do something and with all the rain we get we would be broke if we went out and did something every day.

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