The Headache Continues

I wrote before about Mason’s experience last month with the dentist he’d been seeing since he was 11 months old. Well, the headache continues. Last Tuesday Mason had no food/water after midnight and we headed bright and early to the dental surgery place 30 minutes away. He was getting anesthesia for xrays and to work on the two cavity spots on his molars. Long story short we waited, all starving for 4 hours to get nothing done. He got so worked up from trying to use a nebulizer(for his breathing) and the whole experience their, when they started the anesthesia they had to stop because his breathing got bad.
They wanted us to go get a nebulizer, practice with that and make an appointment when he’s been clear of a cold and nothing in his lungs. Well, I explained the situation with his pediatrician’s nurse and got the response she doesn’t quiet understand why he needs a nebulizer and they should of never given him anesthia if he had any sign of a cold/breathing problems.

Ahh…this is just becoming such a headache, I’m just so stressed out. I’m thinking what were going to do is make an appointment to go back to the dentist in a month or so, give Mason time, give myself sometime. And if he’s been clear of a cold for sometime maybe he won’t need a nebulizer treatment before. ‘Cause if this next time doesn’t work, they said they want to do all the procedures in a hospital setting because of his breathing, that makes me freak out a little more.

And he’s supposed to still have cleanings every 6 months?!? I’m gonna go crazy :( Mason is a very emotional kid, so I can’t completely blame you Dr Block but Thank You for ruining the dentist for him!!


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  1. I feel your pain, since my youngest has dentophobia or odontophobia both mean the same thing a fear of the dentist she is now 24 with rotting teeth she is just to scared to go and to be but to sleep would cost like $2500 and we can't afford that.

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