Weekend Recap


We had an awesome weekend, filled with lots of fun. Friday, I volunteered for Mason’s school Halloween party. It was a lot of fun and I was surprised how well all the kids were. I’m very happy his school lets the kids still dress up and have Halloween parties, and no not harvest parties but Halloween parties! Then Friday evening we headed back to the school for trunk or treating. Next year I’m tempted to not even buy him a costume. For the school party he decided to not wear his brand new Harry Potter costume but wanted to wear his old dress up pirate costume and then for the trunk or treating he really didn’t want to wear a costume. We’ll see if he wears Harry Potter for trick or treating on Thursday!

Saturday, we didn’t end up going to the haunted gingerbread house. But we did end up going to a church’s Harvest Fest. Again he didn’t want to wear a costume. They had ice cream, games, bounce houses, treats. We pretty much walked around, he ate ice cream and wanted to watch Charlie Brown in the movie room lol. We came to a Harvest Fest to watch a movie, really?!?! Walked around a little more before leaving because Mason got mad at me, because he wanted to jump but then got shy/scared when we got to the bounce house?! I know I shouldn’t get so irritated and mad at him for his personality change but seriously the scaredy cat/shyness, when did that happen?! We stopped at the apple orchard on our way home for some pictures and to run around :)

Sunday, we headed up to the mountains for the pumpkin express(will post more about that later this week). And then went to the Olive Garden for dinner for my birthday(which is today), probably the last time we go there for a while. It wasn’t all that great, expensive for what tasted like prepackaged frozen meals and not to mention took forever to get our food. Mason wanted noodles, butter and cheese and we were told they don’t have butter. Huh??

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  1. Oh my gosh sounds like you guys had a lot of fun things going on! That’s too funny he hasn’t been wanting to wear his new costume.. and kind of strange ha ha. Hopefully he will want to wear it trick-or-treating :D Glad you guys had such an awesome weekend!

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