Lately I’ve really been thinking about my social life. Yes, I get out a lot with Mason but a lot of the time it’s just talking to a kid, doing kid things. I’ve lost touch with the Tabitha that was always planning get togethers, not shy when around people. My family hasn’t planned a girls day in months. We hardly ever see any of my friends not even for playdates, so I’m not even getting that social interaction. And I miss it all!! I miss my friends and family… I see enough of my husband and Mason, lol just kidding ;)

I need to break out of this bubble I’ve created. Get back into the social world.

And some day I’d love to attend a blogger conference but I’m just so darn shy when it comes to meeting new people, I don’t know how it’d go. I don’t know where to start; do I go to a large one(like BlogHer) where hardly anyone knows each other or a small one(like PNW Blogger) where there are already cliques started and I’ll feel like I stepped back into high school? How did your first blog conference go?

Sorry for the random boohoo post lol!



  1. I’ve never been to a blogging conference but I’ll go if you go. :) I also dislike the cliquish feel of some groups and meetings. I’ve been to the Pacific Northwest Writers Association conference in Seattle and it was great. My experience was that it was a lot of like-minded authors trying to learn and gather info for their writing work.

  2. I totally know how you feel, and that is in part why I got so involved with blogging. This community is fabulous for meeting like-minded people you can relate to! I definitely recommend a blogging conference. I started small, with Bloggy Boot Camp when it came to Seattle a couple of years ago… though I didn’t network as much as I wish I had. But I do attend a lot of the PNW blogger meetups, which has been awesome.. and there isn’t a lot of pressure there.
    And just this year (in March), I attended my first big conference in Dallas. It was nerve-wracking actually getting on an airplane to go to a conference with 3000+ bloggers I’d never met in person. But honestly? It was the BEST thing I could have done. I walked away with so much inspiration and SO many awesome friends. For 2014, I’m scaling it back again to a small-ish conference in Atlanta called Type-A Parent. I’m super excited! And again, if you can, you should go to one… I don’t think you will regret it!

    And wow, SO sorry for the book I just wrote. lol

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