Did it

This has been on wish list for more than a year now and I finally went and bought it! My husband and I are always talking about how we can spend the same amount of money but his is a large purchase and mine are a bunch of little purchases. I have a hard time making a large purchase but I did it, I bought the camera I’ve been wanting for a while.

Oh, by the way I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I’m joining in on the NaBloPoMo for the month of November and trying (this is a day late) to post daily. I did this last November and honestly it wasn’t as hard as it sounds and it really helped get me motivated about my blog, yes of course I wasn’t on time with a few days but nobody is perfect.

But, anyway my excuse why this post wasn’t up yesterday ;) I got a new camera and having too much fun checking everything out on it. Wow! I can say it is going to take me forever to get to know it, there are a lot of features. I can’t wait to start taking a ton of pictures! So excited!

2013-11-04 17.44.38


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