I saw this on pinterest the other day and it got me thinking. A) I’m so fortunate and thankful for my skin. B) Why have I not learned how to properly put on makeup?!

My everyday beauty routine and honestly there are many days I don’t wear any makeup. And I realize I have great genes and I’m so thankful for my great skin complexion. But anyway I wear tinted BB cream with sunscreen, a little bit of bronzer on my cheeks, mascara and just recently wearing lipstick.

I should even probably be doing a better daily face cleanser/makeup removal. In the morning I use Aveeno daily facial scrub and in the evening all I do is wipe everything off with a hot wash cloth. Or switch it around and do the scrub at night and hot wash cloth in the AM?!

Which brings me to; I don’t know how to really put makeup on! I don’t know how to put on lip liner, wouldn’t know how to pencil in my brows, I’m okay with doing eye shadow but what the heck is the difference between concealer and foundation? Dusting a powder to set? Is that to absorb some of the oil, then I may need to start doing this! Primer? I probably should start looking at youtube videos of makeup how to’s or take a class somewhere, they have those at salons right?


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