NaBloPoMo 1-12

Friday, November 1, 2013
If you found one million dollars in the morning and had to spend it by nightfall, what would you do with the money?
I would pay off all our debt and my families debt. Buy new cars. Go on a quick shopping spree possibly paying someone to do it all. Pay for a vacation for all my family. And if I couldn’t put the rest away in a savings account for Mason and us ;) then buy a house!

Monday, November 4, 2013
Who is your favorite character of all time?
I love Zoey Harts character, her style, the cute little southern town.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013
Tell us about your writing space. Where do you write your blog posts?
At the desk in the living room, I like being where all the action is.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013
If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
That I wasn’t so shy and was more outgoing, my anxiety when meeting new people was gone.

Thursday, November 7, 2013
If you had to switch your first name, what name would you choose and why?
I actually really like my first name, it is very unique. When I was little I disliked writing my name because it was so long, I actually have two first names.

Friday, November 8, 2013
Tell us what you’ve learned so far about daily blogging.
This is a challenge for you, so blog for yourself. I’ve learned when I’m “supposed” to blog everyday I find myself thinking about my blog and post ideas, more often.

Monday, November 11, 2013
If you had to be trapped inside a movie for 5 days, which movie would you pick?
That’s a hard one actually and can’t choose just one.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013
Name five things inside your refrigerator right now and how you feel about them.
Pumpkin pie creamer- fav creamer, must have during fall/winter
Eggs- its great to get protein first thing in the morning
Feta- love feta in eggs, salad, sandwiches
Yogurt- Mason loves it, great snack and it curbs sweet cravings
Carrots- one veggie we always have is carrots & Mason will eat it everytime


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