Black Friday, Thursday?!

Oh, Black Friday why have you become Black Thursday? I love shopping the sales, although I don’t consider myself a hardcore Black Friday shopper because I don’t do lines or waiting for hours. The last couple of years I’ve done the not crowded Walmart that I had to drive 30 minutes to get to, only because no lines and I get everything on my list. It’s one of the only times I actually like getting up super early :)

I was just looking at some of the Black Friday ads online and noticed Walmart’s (& I’m sure many more stores) are starting the sales on Thursday at 6pm, does that mean people will be lining up hours before on THANKSGIVING when people are supposed to be spending time with family/friends?!? What happened to stores closing on Thanksgiving before 2pm so all the workers can go home and enjoy the rest of the holiday. Walmart just better be paying those employees double time! I WILL NOT be doing my shopping at Walmart this year because I will be having dinner and family over at that time. I WILL be doing my shopping on Friday! And another reason I have been doing the Black Friday Walmart the past couple years is because they would honor other stores ads, yes even on Black Friday. But I guess they aren’t doing that this year?!?

So…I will be spending my Thanksgiving eating and visiting with my family. I will be getting up super early Friday morning to go shopping. I will not be shopping on Thanksgiving or giving any money to Walmart. Come on stores give your employees one day to relax!


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