Best TURKEY recipe!

Thanksgiving is 3 days away….what?! We have been using this turkey recipe for the past couple years and it is absolutely my favorite & I’m not the only one, I have a couple friends who are always asking me for the recipe! Its the only way we will cook the turkey :) I love how easy and simple it is.
A little (gross) fact about me; when I first started preparing the turkey years ago I hated reaching into the turkey cavity and pulling the insides out but now I absolutely love it…gross huh?! ;)


Recipe:: 18 lb turkey(what we use)
follow the turkeys package for cooking time and temp, we do use one of those turkey bags. It cooks quicker and makes the turkey SO moist!!

salt and pepper all over and in the cavity
melted butter on top and we put some cut up butter under the skin
in the cavity add 1 onion(cut in half), 1 lemon(cut in half), fresh rosemary, garlic(cut in half), 1 orange (cut in half)
you don’t even have to peel the onion or garlic if you don’t want to



  1. Sounds nice we don’t do turkey much in our family we are more a chook family but we do have a turkey at Christmas because well Christmas isn’t Christmas without tukey and prawns…………

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