Fears – we all have them

I’ve been sorta mia on my blog, we have been keeping busy and enjoying everyday… And then hear I go and get all negative with you but thought this was a perfect time to talk to you about my biggest fear. Anyone else think there should be a news channel that only reports on uplifting topics?!!
My hugest fear is death. Most of the time I can’t even think about it without starting to get anxiety. I am scared to death to die. Seriously if I could go to neverland and never grow old, I’d be on the first flight there! What scares me the most is the afterlife. The older I get the more I think about it. Yes, I believe I will be going to heaven but that doesn’t stop death from being my top fear. What about all my loved ones, will I actually remember them? How long will it feel til I get to be with them? Will time up in heaven seem to go quickly or slowly? I don’t wish anyone to have eternity in hell not even murderers. I seriously don’t want to grow old and leave this earth, can’t I just stay right where I am?!

I don’t know what’s worst dying unexpectedly or being on your death bed.
It is so important to live everyday like its your last. Because you honestly don’t know when you will die.

Yes, I’m going to bring up what everyone is talking about after all he was my favorite actor. Paul Walker. I have been secretly in love with him since I was a preteen and was going to marry him (sorry hubby ;). Its such a sad thing when people die young and have done such good in the world.
I believe everything happens for a reason. But what’s the reason a bunch of 5 year olds (sandy hook) didn’t get to live until their old and grey(or even graduate from kindergarten) or a man who was doing such good not just donating money but actually going into natural disasters and helping with his bare bands. Why are their lives taken before a murderer’s? Something we will never know.

PS. I may delete this post, it was just a bunch of thoughts out of my head and probably will feel stupid for pushing publish :S



  1. Wonderful post. I could not have written this better myself. In fact I have been in a sad mood today because it was on my mind. I love my family so much and am terrified to be without them…AH.

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