Holiday Traditions

We have been busy this holiday season marking off our list of Christmas traditions, that I forgot to blog my list. I have quite a few things I like to do every Christmas and I’m sure my family is already sick of doing some of those things. But that’s okay, Christmas is one of the times where Mom gets her way ;)
By the way did you realize Christmas Eve is exactly two weeks away….I know, I’m trying to get everything bought before Mason’s school break.

Watch a Christmas movie every day:: Drink as much hot cocoa as we can:: Christmas music on radio:: Drive around look at lights:: all stuff I’m sure the family is already sick of ;)

Our towns Christmas Tree Lighting::This was last weekend, we’ve been going for the last 5 years. I posted a few pictures on my Instagram, go and follow me on Instagram if you want to see all our fun(on the right of page—>)

Nutcracker:: My husband &I have gone a few times and I’m wanting to take Mason to one of the smaller productions(kid friendly)

Santa Pics:: Usually Mason gets his picture taken at the Tree Lighting but he really didn’t want to wait in line(impatient kid lol) but luckily the Santa will be there every Saturday this month.

Christmas Cards:: I can’t not send out Christmas cards!! They actually just got delivered today so I will start addressing tonight.

Cookie Baking:: My annual cookie exchange is this weekend, cant wait!! Stretchy pants here I come…

Tree:: Got our tree and after Mason gets home from school we are going to decorate it :)

Donate gifts

Family Dinners/Party’s:: We have many of those ;)

Elf on the Shelf:: Yes, I bought one this year. The plush one ’cause I’m cheap ;) After it made it’s appearance Mason was afraid to go to bed that night because he was afraid of it coming to life. Poor kid.

Santa Train::

Letter It sorta got made, I don’t know why the wish list wasn’t more popular with my kid but he just didn’t really care?! He loves telling you he wants everything on the commercials but when it came down to writing a letter, he couldn’t think of what to write.

Ice skating::


Santa Breakfast::

2013 Ornament::

Christmas Eve:: Mason gets to open 1 present… Pj’s ;) Drink hot cocoa, watch a Christmas movie, read Twas a Night Before Christmas and leave out cookies…sounds like your Christmas Eve? Yeah we’re pretty unique haha ;)

I would love to know some of your families holiday traditions?!! Leave a comment :)



  1. I love your holiday traditions! We will probably go out and look at Christmas lights one of these nights soon :) Our town had it’s Christmas tree lighting this past weekend too! This is the first year we’ve gone, I never really knew about it til last year ha ha. I want to take Carson to zoolights so bad, that or wildlights at Woodland Park Zoo.

  2. Such great traditions!! I love the Zoo lights one, we have yet to go our Portland zoo one, someday! The only one that sticks out for me as a tradition is getting our tree the first weekend of December!

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