Christmas Fun Lately


The other night Mason and I were driving home looking at Christmas lights and saw Santa on a fire truck so we decided to follow him and he gave Mason a candy cane. He was so excited!

Made my favorite cookies :)

This weekend we went up to Bellingham for my sister in laws annual ugly sweater party. I made these ugly sweaters, pretty ugly huh?! I didn’t intend to make our sweaters but when I went to Value Village all I could find in the whole store was 3 vests and they wanted $40 each. No way was I paying that so I bought a red and green sweater and a bag of the misc garland and plastic ornaments and stuck them on the sweaters. Easy and cheap! There was the white elephant game and guess what we ended up winning lol; hubby won a box of furry handcuffs santa hat whip and I won a mens crouch less underwear lol!

On Sunday we raced home to get ready for my annual cookie exchange with my family. We got home rushed to clean the house, make cookies and get my self ready. And then my grandma showed up 2 hours early lol.

Last night 8 of us piled into a suburban and drove around fantasy lights. I love Christmas time!!



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