For you

Random acts of kindness. Selfless acts.
With Christmas only two days away I thought I would write about something uplifting and cheerful :)

There are three children out there that have a place to call home. Okay that sounds a little cheesy. But seriously, last year my cousin and her husband took in 3 of her sisters kids. The kids now have a steady place to call home, get to attend the same school every day, are enrolled in a ton of activities(in school and out), have birthday parties, have role models to look up to, a clean and safe environment. People who put others before them selves are amazing, my cousin and her husband didn’t have to take in the kids or treat them the same as their own children.

Talk about heroes!

I know there are a ton of people who are foster parents, and adoptive parents. This is for you, thank you. Thank you for giving children a chance to have a good life, to experience the good in the world and not the negative!


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