Childhood Tabitha

I have had this post in my drafts box for the past month, thought this would be the perfect time to finish and publish it. It has been an extremely exhausting week, with Christmas and the lost of one of my best friends for the last 21 years and our pretty kitty Gracie.

My dear friend Darla was taken too soon but God must of needed her for something. I could fill up a series of books with just the memories we all shared when we were children, I am beyond thankful and blessed for my friends growing up. Not many adults can say they are still close to their childhood friends. 

good friends are like stars.

you don’t always see them,

but you know they’re always there.


I love getting a look into people’s childhood and it makes me very sad for this generation with all the electronics. I wish every child could experience childhood like mine; very little screen time, imagination, safe to play outside by yourself. It’s sad to see how much the world has changed in 20 years.

We lived in the suburbs. 5 minute drive to the nearest small grocery store. Water all around us. 45 minute bus ride to our high school. Loved living out there as a child, hated it as a teen and being an adult realize how great it was.

We moved out there when I was 8 and became close friends with 3 girls that lived by us, we were all inseparable. There was a time we would pretend to be twins and think people couldn’t tell the difference lol. We would all plan out outfits so we all dressed the same that day.

Summer time was awesome all our friends that lived around us would all meet at the lake with picnics and swimming, every day! We loved Mary Kate and Ashley movies and would make our own videos. We would ride bikes everywhere, and it was safe to go out by ourselves. We would ride our bikes to the convenient store 5 miles away and get ice cream/treats. Or ride our bikes the opposite direction 5 miles away to the beach, that is probably one of my favorite memories a group of us riding our bikes down the road(car speed limit is 45) but the roads were safer back then and less traffic. Going down the huge hills full speed with the wind blowing in your hair. Pack a picnic, and play around at the beach. And if there was an emergency we had a pay phone, no cell phones. Such a great memory!

We would try and make flintstone cars, tree forts, pet cemetery… True story, one of our adventures was walking around the neighbor looking for dead animals and bring them back to bury them and one time we forgot(I don’t know how that happened) and ended up running bare foot through our cemetery and look down and there is magits on the ground. Yuck!

At one time we had horses, chickens, pigs, goat. Many memories riding the horses around trails and once my friend and I were in the field riding my horse and my mom called from the food shed “dinner time” and the horse booked it up the hill and we jumped off right in time before she was going to jump over a log.

We did sports all the time, Friday night skating every week(my poor mom lol). I could go on and on about the fun times we had or the times we’d fight like sisters; it’d be Cayla and I against Darla and Roslyn. No one would mess with us, because they knew they had to deal with all of us. I remember teasing this boy on the bus with the Jeremiah was a bullfrog song and next day his dad was standing at the bus stop with a baseball bat and we were all scared to get off the bus but turned out there was a bear that was sited around the lake lol.

One of the memories that always comes to my mind when I think of Darla, one day we were boating and riding on inter tubes and Dar was on the tube and we look over and there are a ton of sea lions on a dock and she just freaks out, we all laughed. I don’t know why that always stuck in my head.




  1. This was so good Tabitha, you forgot to mention your haircuts all had to be the same….What about our trip to Spokane and we tried playing the silent game and it only lasted 5 min…..That trip lasted 6 hours with only 5 min. of quiet time…Those were some great times…

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