Twenty Thirteen

I’d say 2013 was a pretty good year for me. I didn’t like how it ended but that wasn’t up to me. Here’s a little recap of our year. I won’t do a recap of every month don’t worry, you can always go search the archive if you want to do that :)

January & February – Mason was in the newspaper and his first modeling gig photos were published.

Photo: New spring styles available now! More styles coming in March.

In April we started our journey of fostering dogs. We had 3 foster dogs in 2013; Dottie, Max and Molly. It is truly an amazing feeling and those dogs will forever be part of our family.

Mason also turned 5 in April, how did that happen?!

June – I still can’t believe we went to Greece this year, my #1 place to visit on my bucket list. Feels like it was a dream, a very vivid one. We had such an awesome time and so fortunate I was able to experience it. I will only post a few pictures, wow do I miss it!!

Doesn’t the background in this picture look Photoshop? I can assure you it wasn’t ;)

2013 – this year we have traveled all over Washington, so thankful for our adventures. Checked so many things off my bucket list. It’s amazing how much we did but it still feels like we didn’t do enough.


September – Mason started Kindergarten! And has grown so quickly this year.

2013 – I feel we have grown as a family this past year. My Mom was diagnosed with cancer, also beat cancer and became stronger in my eyes. With so many deaths at the end of this year it felt really good to look back at all the plus this year has brought. Thank you for that blog!


Here’s to a great year! 2014!!


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