One day away

Valentine’s day is fast approaching. We are all ready. We don’t go all out but we do go out to eat and I get my boys a little something ;)

Mason is ready for his party at school, he picked out power rangers tattoo valentines(I should of guessed!) & I taped lollipops on them. I would of liked to make those cute creative cards but what can I say my kid knows what he wants. And it always makes me wonder do the parents make their kids do the crafty ones and not give them a choice or does your kid not care either way? (Nothing wrong with the creative crafty ones, but I just wonder cause every year I “pick” out a couple cute ideas from pinterest and ask Mason if he wants to do them and then he sees the valentine boxes at the store with characters and has to have those!)

And tomorrow morning before I help out in Masons class, my husband and I are going to grab something to eat somewhere. We need to find a babysitter or work around our schedules when Mason is in school to have more dates, we don’t do that too often. Yes, my parents live close but I just can’t ask them when my mom is going through something so big and they are exhausted, my sister and her daughter live with them and they already watch my niece so much, they don’t need another kid to watch. So, breakfast for Valentine’s Day is how it’s going to be. But I’m sure we aren’t the only ones?!

Hope you all have a great Valentine’s Day and weekend!!


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