One day away

Valentine’s day is fast approaching. We are all ready. We don’t go all out but we do go out to eat and I get my boys a little something ;)

Mason is ready for his party at school, he picked out power rangers tattoo valentines(I should of guessed!) & I taped lollipops on them. I would of liked to make those cute creative cards but what can I say my kid knows what he wants. And it always makes me wonder do the parents make their kids do the crafty ones and not give them a choice or does your kid not care either way? (Nothing wrong with the creative crafty ones, but I just wonder cause every year I “pick” out a couple cute ideas from pinterest and ask Mason if he wants to do them and then he sees the valentine boxes at the store with characters and has to have those!)

And tomorrow morning before I help out in Masons class, my husband and I are going to grab something to eat somewhere. We need to find a babysitter or work around our schedules when Mason is in school to have more dates, we don’t do that too often. Yes, my parents live close but I just can’t ask them when my mom is going through something so big and they are exhausted, my sister and her daughter live with them and they already watch my niece so much, they don’t need another kid to watch. So, breakfast for Valentine’s Day is how it’s going to be. But I’m sure we aren’t the only ones?!

Hope you all have a great Valentine’s Day and weekend!!


Twenty Thirteen

I’d say 2013 was a pretty good year for me. I didn’t like how it ended but that wasn’t up to me. Here’s a little recap of our year. I won’t do a recap of every month don’t worry, you can always go search the archive if you want to do that :)

January & February – Mason was in the newspaper and his first modeling gig photos were published.

Photo: New spring styles available now! More styles coming in March.

In April we started our journey of fostering dogs. We had 3 foster dogs in 2013; Dottie, Max and Molly. It is truly an amazing feeling and those dogs will forever be part of our family.

Mason also turned 5 in April, how did that happen?!

June – I still can’t believe we went to Greece this year, my #1 place to visit on my bucket list. Feels like it was a dream, a very vivid one. We had such an awesome time and so fortunate I was able to experience it. I will only post a few pictures, wow do I miss it!!

Doesn’t the background in this picture look Photoshop? I can assure you it wasn’t ;)

2013 – this year we have traveled all over Washington, so thankful for our adventures. Checked so many things off my bucket list. It’s amazing how much we did but it still feels like we didn’t do enough.


September – Mason started Kindergarten! And has grown so quickly this year.

2013 – I feel we have grown as a family this past year. My Mom was diagnosed with cancer, also beat cancer and became stronger in my eyes. With so many deaths at the end of this year it felt really good to look back at all the plus this year has brought. Thank you for that blog!


Here’s to a great year! 2014!!

Christmas 2013

If I could pick one word for Christmas 2013 it would be exhausting. Our Christmas was as good as it could get with everything that happened. I am blessed that I got to spend it with so many family!

I realized I didn’t get around to hardly any Christmas posts so here’s a photo dump from my camera ;) Hope you all had an amazing Christmas!

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Holiday Traditions

We have been busy this holiday season marking off our list of Christmas traditions, that I forgot to blog my list. I have quite a few things I like to do every Christmas and I’m sure my family is already sick of doing some of those things. But that’s okay, Christmas is one of the times where Mom gets her way ;)
By the way did you realize Christmas Eve is exactly two weeks away….I know, I’m trying to get everything bought before Mason’s school break.

Watch a Christmas movie every day:: Drink as much hot cocoa as we can:: Christmas music on radio:: Drive around look at lights:: all stuff I’m sure the family is already sick of ;)

Our towns Christmas Tree Lighting::This was last weekend, we’ve been going for the last 5 years. I posted a few pictures on my Instagram, go and follow me on Instagram if you want to see all our fun(on the right of page—>)

Nutcracker:: My husband &I have gone a few times and I’m wanting to take Mason to one of the smaller productions(kid friendly)

Santa Pics:: Usually Mason gets his picture taken at the Tree Lighting but he really didn’t want to wait in line(impatient kid lol) but luckily the Santa will be there every Saturday this month.

Christmas Cards:: I can’t not send out Christmas cards!! They actually just got delivered today so I will start addressing tonight.

Cookie Baking:: My annual cookie exchange is this weekend, cant wait!! Stretchy pants here I come…

Tree:: Got our tree and after Mason gets home from school we are going to decorate it :)

Donate gifts

Family Dinners/Party’s:: We have many of those ;)

Elf on the Shelf:: Yes, I bought one this year. The plush one ’cause I’m cheap ;) After it made it’s appearance Mason was afraid to go to bed that night because he was afraid of it coming to life. Poor kid.

Santa Train::

Letter It sorta got made, I don’t know why the wish list wasn’t more popular with my kid but he just didn’t really care?! He loves telling you he wants everything on the commercials but when it came down to writing a letter, he couldn’t think of what to write.

Ice skating::


Santa Breakfast::

2013 Ornament::

Christmas Eve:: Mason gets to open 1 present… Pj’s ;) Drink hot cocoa, watch a Christmas movie, read Twas a Night Before Christmas and leave out cookies…sounds like your Christmas Eve? Yeah we’re pretty unique haha ;)

I would love to know some of your families holiday traditions?!! Leave a comment :)

Best TURKEY recipe!

Thanksgiving is 3 days away….what?! We have been using this turkey recipe for the past couple years and it is absolutely my favorite & I’m not the only one, I have a couple friends who are always asking me for the recipe! Its the only way we will cook the turkey :) I love how easy and simple it is.
A little (gross) fact about me; when I first started preparing the turkey years ago I hated reaching into the turkey cavity and pulling the insides out but now I absolutely love it…gross huh?! ;)


Recipe:: 18 lb turkey(what we use)
follow the turkeys package for cooking time and temp, we do use one of those turkey bags. It cooks quicker and makes the turkey SO moist!!

salt and pepper all over and in the cavity
melted butter on top and we put some cut up butter under the skin
in the cavity add 1 onion(cut in half), 1 lemon(cut in half), fresh rosemary, garlic(cut in half), 1 orange (cut in half)
you don’t even have to peel the onion or garlic if you don’t want to