Last weekend

We truly had an awesome weekend. “Everything is awesome”, yes we saw the Lego Movie and I’ve had that song randomly stuck in my head all week.

Anyway last Saturday my friends son hung out with Mason and I. We started the day off at Lowes Build and Grow building Valentine’s boxes, I was surprised how much the boys enjoyed it since it was a heart thing but then again it has hammers and nails to do with it ;) Then on our way to grab lunch the boys were having a “girlfriends” conversation in the back seat, when I said you boys are too young for that my friends son goes “it’s because we’re sexy”(he’s 7 lol).

Then we ended the day and met some more friends at the theater for The Lego Movie, and I was a little surprised how good it was. It had all the adults laughing. So, if you get the opportunity go see it you won’t be disappointed. I wouldn’t say I’m strict about sugars(okay some would say I am) but when we were in line to buy snacks the friend goes I want a large icee and a candy, after I said I don’t think so you can have 1 sweet(and usually I don’t let Mason have any sugars at the theater, remember you have to sit through a whole movie!) he goes but my Mom usually let’s me get them both, sorry kid that won’t work on me ;)


And then Sunday we woke up to SNOW! It was so pretty and fun for a little while. We had a nice relaxing day at home.

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Quick trip to Mt. Rainier

We took advantage of the free national parks day and drove up to Mount Rainier to play in the snow. We weren’t the only ones with the idea, it was crowded but we still had fun and it was such a beautiful day. The roads were very clear, you didn’t even need to carry chains. I only took a few photos, but they are pretty don’t worry ;) No sledding photos either. Maybe I will convince Levi to go on Sunday for family day, and spend the whole day playing in the snow!


Santa Express

A tradition for us every Christmas is to ride a Santa Train, this year we rode the Mt Rainier Scenic Railroad Santa Express and it was so much fun! I love Christmas time, family and traditions! Making memories.
It was a short 1 hour drive to Elbe from Tacoma. We arrived 15 mintues before take off and got to hop right on the train so we weren’t cold at all.
We sat towards the front of the train where the tables were located, the heaters were on so we were toasty warm. We even had to take our jackets off because we were too hot. Just don’t forget to bring your winter gear because afterall it is the mountains :)
They serve free cookies and hot cocoa and have more available for purchase on the concession car(where Santa is located). The prices aren’t bad and the butter on the popcorn is the best I’ve ever had. Cash only. You can bring your own food/drinks (just no glass containers).
I didn’t get any pictures of Mason with Santa, he kept telling me “no pictures mom” :( But they had it cutely decorated and had kids sign their name with the “magic” pen, it was cute.

Okay I’ll stop talking and let you see pictures of our fun. And hurry there is only two weekends left to catch the Santa Express Train!!
Go purchase tickets here.

Don’t forget your camera and to have fun :)






My family and I were given tickets to ride the train to review. However all opinions expressed here are my own.

We went hiking at Longmire!

I’m finally getting around to posting our pictures from our hike from Longmire, on Mt Rainier. We went a couple weeks back with my dad just for fun and there was no school/work that day. Enjoy our pictures!


Wishing you a very great Happy Thanksgiving!! Make sure to stuff your faces and enjoy your loved ones! We are hosting it at our house again this year(love it) 15 of us, so I have been crazy busy getting everything ready. Turkey. Ham. But very thankful for all the help, I don’t have to make everything ;)

Happy Turkey Day!!

Santa Express – Elbe, WA


One of our traditions every Christmas is to ride a Santa train, they are so much fun. This will be the very first year we try out the Santa Express in Elbe, WA by Mt Rainier Scenic Railroad but last month we had a blast on the Pumpkin Express so Im sure we’ll have a great time. Who wouldn’t have fun riding a train in the mountains surrounded by snow and nature, and SANTA!?!

Expect 90 minutes to 2 hour for the train ride, depends on the track conditions(elk, snow, tree branches).
You’ll have time to visit with Santa, take pictures and personally deliver your wish list.

– They have a concessions car that sells hot cocoa, coffee, water and snacks on the train but it’s cash only. Families can buy a voucher at the depot they can use on board the train or cash.
– It is ok to bring snacks on the train (avoid glass container).
– The passenger cars are heated and covered but you may want to bring a cozy lap blanket.
– Trains have a loud whistle that most kids find fascinating but some littles get scared when they hear the loud whistle – if families have a kiddo that’s super sensitive to loud noises they may want to bring ear plugs or ear muffs.
– Don’t forget your camera!

Santa Express
Date: November 30-December 22, 2013
Time: 10AM, 12:45PM, 3:30PM weekends only
Price: $27 for adults, discounts for youth, senior, AAA and military + $2 ticket handling fee
Description: You too will believe! Catch a steam train ride this holiday season when the Mt. Rainier Scenic Railroad becomes the ‘Santa Express’. Departing from the ‘North Pole’ located at the Elbe Depot, passengers will travel along streams and forests for a two hour ride while visiting with Santa. Sometimes there is even snow on the ground this time of year. These trains will sell out! Please make reservations as soon as possible.

Check out our pictures from the Pumpkin Express here!

Santa Express is a great tradition to do with your family every winter!

My family and I will be receiving tickets to ride the Santa Express, however all opinions expressed here are my own.