We’ve had so much going on lately. I feel like I have so much to write, and tell you about.

First off our home team won the Superbowl, go Seahawks! I usually don’t watch football unless it’s like something big like our home team going to the Superbowl :) We had some friends over and it was a lot of fun, think we’ll do it every year. I made my yummy chocolate cake for my friend that just passed away, it was her 29th birthday. Hope you had a great birthday in heaven, Darla! We weren’t able to go to the huge parade, I read somewhere there was like 700,000 people wow!

We got a new foster dog a couple weeks ago, her name is Bertha. She is going to be a hard one to give up, she is attached to all the family members. So, we’ll see ;)

We’ve had chilly weather lately, but that hasn’t stopped us from going out and do everything. We love to stay busy. Park, library events, movies, restaurants, play dates, birthday parties, ect. From January to March we will have had or will be attending a birthday party every week(Mason’s popular lol). I keep trying to explain to Mason how lucky he is for how much stuff we go out and do. So, when he gets that ungrateful attitude I remind him that not every kid gets to have as much fun as we do, that going to a park is a special once in a while treat for some kids.

It’s almost time to be planning someones 6th birthday party :) He wants it at one of the bounce house places and I know it’s nice/fair/polite to invite his whole class but I just don’t think we can afford to invite the whole class and our friends/family at one of those places. It’s close to $200 for just 10 kids weekday, so he’s going to have to pick and choose.

We had to reschedule yet again Mason’s dentist appointment because of signs of a cold, with his asthma they can’t give him anesthesia. (even if it’s just a cough or running nose but who doesn’t get a runny nose when it’s freezing outside)┬áIt’s such horrible timing with cold season. He has to be completely clear of symptoms before I call and then they schedule him two weeks out from that but what’s to say another cold/flu won’t creep up. Ugh! I’m just so ready for spring and summer!! Bring on the sunshine, I need a mood changer :)


Fears – we all have them

I’ve been sorta mia on my blog, we have been keeping busy and enjoying everyday… And then hear I go and get all negative with you but thought this was a perfect time to talk to you about my biggest fear. Anyone else think there should be a news channel that only reports on uplifting topics?!!
My hugest fear is death. Most of the time I can’t even think about it without starting to get anxiety. I am scared to death to die. Seriously if I could go to neverland and never grow old, I’d be on the first flight there! What scares me the most is the afterlife. The older I get the more I think about it. Yes, I believe I will be going to heaven but that doesn’t stop death from being my top fear. What about all my loved ones, will I actually remember them? How long will it feel til I get to be with them? Will time up in heaven seem to go quickly or slowly? I don’t wish anyone to have eternity in hell not even murderers. I seriously don’t want to grow old and leave this earth, can’t I just stay right where I am?!

I don’t know what’s worst dying unexpectedly or being on your death bed.
It is so important to live everyday like its your last. Because you honestly don’t know when you will die.

Yes, I’m going to bring up what everyone is talking about after all he was my favorite actor. Paul Walker. I have been secretly in love with him since I was a preteen and was going to marry him (sorry hubby ;). Its such a sad thing when people die young and have done such good in the world.
I believe everything happens for a reason. But what’s the reason a bunch of 5 year olds (sandy hook) didn’t get to live until their old and grey(or even graduate from kindergarten) or a man who was doing such good not just donating money but actually going into natural disasters and helping with his bare bands. Why are their lives taken before a murderer’s? Something we will never know.

PS. I may delete this post, it was just a bunch of thoughts out of my head and probably will feel stupid for pushing publish :S


Mother – a couple weeks ago she had surgery to remove the cancer. we got the pathology test back and thank god all the cancer is gone!! thank you everyone for all the prayers and sending thoughts our way.

Molly, foster dog – tuesday the 27th our day was filled with good news, found out my mother was cancer free and our foster dog got to come home from the animal hospital. she had a raging case of pancreatitis, she is doing so much better now but will always have to be on a special low fat diet.

PTA – I have joined the PTA at Mason’s school. Okay, last year I was involved in a few of the popcorn days but this year I plan to do more! & School – it’s going really good for Mason, his behavior is really improving and throwing less fits. he needed more of a challenge. parent night was the other day and it sounds like he has a really good teacher and they will learn a lot. i love looking in his backpack and finding papers ;) he has music class twice a week and loves it, all he wants to play now is the “drums”!

(since i can’t leave you without a picture video, here is the drum set he set up for himself lol)

Random post about everything!

Everyone is saying this, but it’s true I honestly cannot believe it is already August! 
One month til my baby starts kindergarten, full day kindergarten and also one month til I look for another part time job during the day so I’m not bored at home (I can’t believe I’m saying that :) 
We have one month to cram in as much fun as we can do, I had so much hiking planned but haven’t done any, keep missing all the movie in the parks, haven’t been to one yard sale. 
Join me in the #fmsphotoaday in August! Instagram and it’s okay if you forget a day or even half the month, you aren’t alone ;)
AND can’t leave without a photo dump of our fun the past week…

Am I the only one that thinks my niece looks exactly like Davis daughter in the movie What to Expect When Your Expecting?!!
Legendary Doughnuts…sweet tooth here!
Creek by our house
Follow my instagram? Already seen these photos? Yeah, I probably need to start taking more photos and with a camera, not my phone ’cause cell photo pictures don’t turn out too well when you print them, sad face lol :(
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And a bonus I’ll throw in some Throwback Thursdays of me :)
My moms side of the family, I will give you a high five if you can guess which ones me?
yup, the curly head in the head band and white shirt polka dots
Ok, this is a flashback for Mason lol. How cute is he?
This is me(and my cousin) on my first day of kindergarten


No, I’m not ignoring you blog! I’ve just had a lot going on and on my mind. The past two months our family has had some bad news, good news, and overwhelmed but that’s because we are going to Greece next week :) I can’t believe it is time either, getting so excited to be able to sit and relax for almost two weeks wow!! Although I do wish my whole family could go with us and get a break from reality.

Anyway, back to why I am writing this post. 
And yes, I am just rambling but that’s what this blog is for ;)
Now I understand why people who find out they have cancer(or other illness’) don’t go around telling everyone. I personally wouldn’t want to hear all the negative talk, the feeling bad for; I’d want to hear positive talk, and encouragement. I wouldn’t want to hear “I told you should of went to the Dr’s a long time ago”, don’t tell them that, they went! Nobody wants to hear the word death, so keep it in your head! Keep positive, that’s what they need!
If you pray could you include my family, if not please send positive healing vibes our way greatly appreciated :)