Last weekend

We truly had an awesome weekend. “Everything is awesome”, yes we saw the Lego Movie and I’ve had that song randomly stuck in my head all week.

Anyway last Saturday my friends son hung out with Mason and I. We started the day off at Lowes Build and Grow building Valentine’s boxes, I was surprised how much the boys enjoyed it since it was a heart thing but then again it has hammers and nails to do with it ;) Then on our way to grab lunch the boys were having a “girlfriends” conversation in the back seat, when I said you boys are too young for that my friends son goes “it’s because we’re sexy”(he’s 7 lol).

Then we ended the day and met some more friends at the theater for The Lego Movie, and I was a little surprised how good it was. It had all the adults laughing. So, if you get the opportunity go see it you won’t be disappointed. I wouldn’t say I’m strict about sugars(okay some would say I am) but when we were in line to buy snacks the friend goes I want a large icee and a candy, after I said I don’t think so you can have 1 sweet(and usually I don’t let Mason have any sugars at the theater, remember you have to sit through a whole movie!) he goes but my Mom usually let’s me get them both, sorry kid that won’t work on me ;)


And then Sunday we woke up to SNOW! It was so pretty and fun for a little while. We had a nice relaxing day at home.

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Snow day

We woke up today with SNOW! It wasn’t much, maybe an inch but it was still fun to play in. I’m getting over a cold so I wasn’t out long but Mason of course wanted to play in it most of the day.

Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow

We have a winter wonderland here in the Northwest. I LOVE the snow! I had yesterday off from work and have today off too, if I had to drive in the snow I wouldn’t be such a big fan. Mason had so much fun playing in it yesterday, he never wanted to come inside. And every time he did come inside he would say “I think it’s hot cocoa time”. Today him and I are going to go and find a hill to go sledding down. 
Here are some pictures from our first snow day of the season :) As you can see in the pics we could only find 2 of Mason’s gloves out of 4 pairs, and they don’t even match lol. How does that happened?
Thanksgiving is 2 days away; I still need to clean the house, wash my nice dishes, bake a few things and buy a few more things at the grocery store. Hope everyone has safe travels to where ever you are going for the holiday. 
Playing outside before the snow came
Catching snow flakes
And a little video ;)